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Simple Clipping Path – 1st Step to Attracting Attention to the Image


Simple clipping path is the preliminary level. Everybody may have a picture that is taken against a totally wrong background. However good the image may be, when placed on a wrong background it becomes repulsive. Simple clipping path is the first level of clipping path that helps in segregating the image from the background. The image can then is placed in another appropriate background or can be used as it is in a plain background. As the name suggests, this level of clipping path is simple to perform and does not require much to do.

Simple clipping path can be done by anyone only with a few days of practice and training. It is a valuable technique that is done on images that have uncomplicated shapes. These images do not contain any holes or curves. But the professionals know better. The experts make use of the pen tool by adding their skill and creativity. This makes the image look absolutely original. By isolating an unwanted background from a good image, it makes the frame look even more attractive. It exerts a pull from the viewer’s eye to the main subject. There are many companies that offer simple clipping path service. They work with strict deadlines and aim to give the clients what they desire by covering all aspects. Some of them also offer hand drawn simple clipping path that brings out excellent quality results. Simple clipping path can be done by making use of various software that are available in the market such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, CorelDraw and Quark Xpress. Adobe Photoshop is the widely popular software used for this service. It is easy to use and brings high quality outcomes.

The very next level of clipping path is the medium clipping path. Medium clipping path is a little complex than the simple one. It involves taking out the background from a complex image.